Cleaning and Sterilizing Medical Equipment

When you’ve acquired a batch of refurbished medical equipment for your practice, such as Stryker’s osteosynthesis devices, great care and research are needed to keep them in top operational condition. This involves cleaning them up and sterilizing them thoroughly. Continue reading


How to Choose Your Medical Instrument Supplier

There are a lot of medical device suppliers out there, and they offer different products at different quality and prices. Below are guidelines on how you can choose the right supplier:

Reputation. Perform a background check. A supplier with good reputation usually has a long list of satisfied customers who’ve done business with them for a long time. Check for return and failure rates. And if it’s a new player, it must have at least passed the standards of existing regulatory bodies. Never buy from unlicensed sources. Continue reading

How to Assess What to Buy for Your Hospital

Medical supplies are vital to a hospital’s success, but unfortunately, not all healthcare providers can afford to buy every new piece of equipment that comes out. Which is why before purchasing, healthcare providers must evaluate carefully if a certain medical device is worth procuring or not.

Why Should You Get This Equipment?

Ask yourself why you need this type of equipment. Is it essential in solving an existing health problem? Develop a sense of foresight and determine if this device is truly necessary or if it will become outdated in the near future. Continue reading

Giving your pre-owned medical devices new life

When it comes to medical technology trends, practitioners cannot afford to be left behind. What happens to functioning machines once they are replaced? If the technology can still be of service, it could either be sold or donated to a worthy cause. Continue reading

Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment: What to Ask

You can easily save thousands of dollars by purchasing refurbished medical equipment. Unfortunately, some people decide to forego this solution due to fears about the reliability of the equipment. Don’t get caught in this trap.

Refurbished medical equipment is just as good as brand-new equipment, especially if the job is done by an experienced refurbishing company. If this is your first time purchasing refurbished medical equipment, here are a few questions you should ask to ensure you get a good deal: Continue reading