Properly Cleaning Reusable Medical Instruments

The threat of the Ebola virus hangs in the air indefinitely, changing the mood of the general public. The need to improve on things that we can control, such as maintaining clean, sterile medical instruments, has become more imperative than ever before—even more so when cleaning reusable medical instruments.

In cleaning medical instruments, the quality of water matters. Washing with tap water is discouraged, since it has a high concentration of minerals which can settle and stain medical instruments over time. Continue reading


Facts about Refurbished Medical Equipment

Refurbished medical equipment are in no way inferior to their brand new counterparts, but there are several important facts you should need to know before buying them.

Different types of refurbishment – Refurbishment has three sub-types, namely visual, parts, and full. Visual refurbishment means that the unit only needs minor cosmetic touches; parts means that several working components have been replaced for better functioning; and full refurbishment means a full-scale overhaul of the entire unit, including its parts and finishing, is necessary. Continue reading

Giving your pre-owned medical devices new life

When it comes to medical technology trends, practitioners cannot afford to be left behind. What happens to functioning machines once they are replaced? If the technology can still be of service, it could either be sold or donated to a worthy cause. Continue reading

Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment: What to Ask

You can easily save thousands of dollars by purchasing refurbished medical equipment. Unfortunately, some people decide to forego this solution due to fears about the reliability of the equipment. Don’t get caught in this trap.

Refurbished medical equipment is just as good as brand-new equipment, especially if the job is done by an experienced refurbishing company. If this is your first time purchasing refurbished medical equipment, here are a few questions you should ask to ensure you get a good deal: Continue reading