Pre-owned Medical Equipment Does the Job for Less

One practical way hospitals and healthcare facilities can remain operational (and within their budget) is via used or pre-owned medical and diagnostic apparatuses. This is also to prevent the cost of new machines being passed on to patients and keep their expenses to a minimum.

More diversity and flexibility

The use of pre-owned equipment allows the healthcare facility to access a variety of machines, from simple diagnostic tools to advanced surgical equipment. This gives them more flexibility for treating patients, thus increasing their rate of success.

Used machines perform just as well as new ones

Whether leasing or buying, institutions can expect to spend much less for used medical equipment than if they were to buy brand new ones. The good news is that used machines with the latest technology can be acquired for less. Manufacturers typically refurbish used but functioning units to make them available for the markets that need them.

Evaluating pre-owned medical equipment

Pre-owned and inexpensive doesn’t mean dilapidated. The machines should be functioning and in presentable condition. Buyers can specify the age of the machine they are looking for. For example: a facility can request an ultrasound machine that is not more than five years old. This is also a factor in the determination of price.

Reliable source

Make sure you are dealing with a trusted source for pre-owned or used medical instrument sales (if not the original equipment manufacturer). Some go as far as providing financing and even warranties for the used apparatuses they sell.


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