Cleaning and Sterilizing Medical Equipment

When you’ve acquired a batch of refurbished medical equipment for your practice, such as Stryker’s osteosynthesis devices, great care and research are needed to keep them in top operational condition. This involves cleaning them up and sterilizing them thoroughly.

Cleaning Up

Some medical equipment maintenance specialists say that you should only use a list of cleaning agents as prescribed in the equipment’s operations manual. Availability issues, however, can dictate which alternate cleaning solutions are possible. You should also check the quality of water you will use; you’ll be advised to clean the water so it doesn’t contaminate the now-diluted cleaning agent. Wear protective gear and prepare a cleaning bath for the devices to be heavily soaked in and brushed. No metallic objects are recommended for cleaning.


Once all instruments have been cleaned, they will also need to be sterilized before storage. For local operations, the equipment should be put in a steam autoclave set to 132 degrees Celsius and a pressure of between 2 to 15 PSIA. The sterilization time is four minutes, with the drying time at 30 minutes and the exposure at room temperature for up to 60 minutes. It should be noted that the sterilization tray you will use should have multiple recesses to accommodate various equipment without having to strip them down.


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