How to Choose Your Medical Instrument Supplier

There are a lot of medical device suppliers out there, and they offer different products at different quality and prices. Below are guidelines on how you can choose the right supplier:

Reputation. Perform a background check. A supplier with good reputation usually has a long list of satisfied customers who’ve done business with them for a long time. Check for return and failure rates. And if it’s a new player, it must have at least passed the standards of existing regulatory bodies. Never buy from unlicensed sources.

Exaggeration means dubious quality. Beware of those who employ exaggerated publicity tactics like claiming 100% quality or those who use fake medical references, testimonies, and statistics to create an illusion of quality.

Completeness. Determine the accessories that should come with the equipment. Suppliers must have a supply of these, be they consumables or replacement parts.

Quality of products. You must have adequate knowledge of the quality level of the different brands available in the market. That way, you are able to weigh your options better regarding the cost vs. value factor of your purchase. Opt for those products which are refurbished because they’ve already been tested with upgraded parts and are therefore considered good as new.

After sales. Inquire about maintenance arrangements as well as warranty and contract terms. By the nature of the intended function, any medical equipment is complicated and thus can cause ill-timed inconvenience if it breaks down, so it’s important to have technical support that you can rely on.


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