Facts about Refurbished Medical Equipment

Refurbished medical equipment are in no way inferior to their brand new counterparts, but there are several important facts you should need to know before buying them.

Different types of refurbishment – Refurbishment has three sub-types, namely visual, parts, and full. Visual refurbishment means that the unit only needs minor cosmetic touches; parts means that several working components have been replaced for better functioning; and full refurbishment means a full-scale overhaul of the entire unit, including its parts and finishing, is necessary.

Refurbished’ is different from ‘used’ – In purchasing medical equipment, never confuse the terms “refurbished” and “used.” For one, used equipment are practically sold as is, with no changes made to the unit whatsoever. The only guarantee you’ll get from a used piece of equipment comes from the seller, which could have either good or bad implications. On the other hand, refurbished equipment are also used ones, but have been updated with new parts to ensure top-notch function akin to brand new products.

Refurbished equipment are cheaper – If you’re opting for refurbished medical equipment in order to save money, you’re making a good decision. Comparing the prices of both brand new and refurbished equipment, one would see a stark difference in the tags. Technically, only the prices differ at most instances—in terms of performance, refurbished equipment are intended to be at par with their newer counterparts.


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