Giving your pre-owned medical devices new life

When it comes to medical technology trends, practitioners cannot afford to be left behind. What happens to functioning machines once they are replaced? If the technology can still be of service, it could either be sold or donated to a worthy cause.

Making a sale

Thanks to the Internet, disposing of your equipment online won’t be difficult at all. The machine could be put up for auction, or for sale in any classified ad site. Another option would be to sell it on a dedicated site, or one that sells only medical paraphernalia. This way, the machine gets another lease on life to serve, and you pocket the proceeds.

Better to give

If you’re feeling philanthropic, the equipment could be donated to a local charity such as the Red Cross. The other option would be an international charity where the machine would come in handy for countries stricken by epidemic, conflict, and famine. This option definitely won’t earn you a wad of cash (though it could be written off as a tax deduction), but it would definitely make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Preparing for departure

Before you send the device off to its new home, take a little time to make it presentable. First, make sure it’s clean and sterilized. Second, test it to make sure it’s working, and document this with photos or videos, if possible. Last, include all manuals and accessories when you pack it up for shipping.


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